Established in May 2002, Software College of Northeastern University is one of the 35 national pilot software colleges approved by the Ministry of Education and the National Development and Reform Commission, and one of the 33 characteristic pilot software colleges approved by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in December 2021.

The college currently has 97 faculty members and 2,697 full-time students. There are four departments: Software Engineering Department, Information Security Department, Digital Media Technology Department, and Foreign Language Teaching Division. Based on the principle of combining full-time and part-time teachers, combining industry and education, and combining domestic and overseas scholars, the college has established a capable, efficient, open, and diversified teaching staff. There are currently 61 professional teachers, including 37 in the Software Engineering Department, 14 in the Information Security Department, and 10 in the Digital Media Technology Department. Among them, there are 16 professors, 27 associate professors, and 15 doctoral supervisors, 47 with doctoral degrees. The college has a national teaching team and a provincial teaching team, a member of the State Council's discipline evaluation team, two recipients of special government allowances of the State Council, three members of the Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, one national outstanding teacher of network security, four master teachers of Liaoning Province, one leading talent of the Xingliao Plan in Liaoning Province, four talents at the hundred level in the Hundred-Thousand-Ten thousand Project in Liaoning Province, and one outstanding teacher in Liaoning Province.

The college has three undergraduate majors: software engineering, information security and digital media technology. Both Software engineering and information security are national first-class undergraduate major construction sites; it has a doctoral degree authorization site in the first-class discipline of software engineering, and the result of the fourth round of discipline evaluation is A-, and has been selected as a double first-class construction discipline of Liaoning Province and a peak discipline of Northeastern University.

At present, the college has carried out 27 degree cooperation programs and 16 medium-term and short-term student exchange programs with 19 well-known universities in 8 countries and regions such as the United States, Britain and France, etc. There are more than 110 international students studying in the college.

The college is now a national software talent training and innovation experimental zone, with national experimental teaching demonstration center, Liaoning Cloud Computing Engineering Technology Research Center, Liaoning Information Industry Common Technology Innovation Center based on big data, and Liaoning Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center. It has won 2 second prizes of national teaching achievements, 6 first prizes and 2 second prizes of teaching achievements in Liaoning Province, 1 national excellent course, 1 national excellent online open course, 1 national first-class undergraduate course, and 1 first prize and second prize of scientific and technological progress in Liaoning Province.

Facing the future, the college will further consolidate its advantages, highlight its characteristics strengthen its connotation, and strive to build a first-class software college in China and a renowned college around the world.

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