Software College Held the 3rd Cloud Tour of the University of Texas at Arlington

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The 3rd Cloud Tour of the University of Texas at Arlington was held online on April 19th. The 2022 grade students of the Cooperative Master Degree Program in Software Engineering between Northeastern University and the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) participated in the activity. Huiyang Li, a doctoral student of UTA, was invited to be the host.

Huiyang led the students to visit the UTA campus in an immersive and all-round way through live broadcast. Starting from Science & Engineering · Innovation & Research Building (SEIR), the new site of College of Engineering, Huiyang led the students to visit the laboratories, classrooms and faculty offices of the college, and then toured the UTA library, students’ activity center, gymnasium, fitness room, restaurants, and other areas. At the same time, she introduced in detail the study and life of students in the United States. At last, Huiyang suggested that students should pay more attention to industry frontier conferences and relevant literature, and improve individual ability.

As one of the series of activities to create an international atmosphere of Software College, the 3rd Cloud Tour of UTA not only provided an opportunity for students to know about the study and life in the United States and experience different living environments and customs, but also broadened students' international horizons and deepened their understanding of UTA and American higher education. Some students said that they were looking forward to having the opportunity for an on-site exchange and study at UTA.

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