Software College 2021 Grade Students of the Sino-foreign Cooperative School Running Program Successfully Completed the English Interview for Admission to UTA

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Northeast University cooperates with the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) to hold a master's education program of software engineering. With the joint efforts and great attention of both sides, after nearly three years of construction, the program is developing towards a gratifying trend. It has attracted more and more excellent students, and has established a good reputation and made profound influence. In the 2021 postgraduate admission work, the project accepted 2 students who were exempted from the normal examination, and successfully achieved a breakthrough in accepting students of qualification of exemption from normal examination. A total of 30 students were finally admitted to the program.

At 9:00 a.m. on March 24th, 2022, 30 students of the 2021 grade of the Sino-foreign cooperative education program of Software College participated in the English admission interview organized by UTA. Ginger Dickens, the graduate advisor, Bahram Khalil, the professor of instructions, and Yonghe Liu, the program director, participated in the interview.

The purpose of this interview was to help American teachers know about the students' English level, so as to prepare for the follow-up instruction. The interviewers asked questions about the students' self-introduction, professional courses, and personal hobbies and so forth. The overall performance of students was satisfying. However, the English level of some students were expected to be further improved. After discussion, the college will further strengthen the construction of international atmosphere, organize English Corner and other activities, provide students with an English environment, and focus on strengthening their English listening and speaking skills first. Afterwards, step by step, to improve students' English level comprehensively and lay a solid foundation for their further professional courses learning.

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