Software College Held a "Cloud Tour" of the University of Texas at Arlington

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In order to expand students' international horizons and deepen their understanding of overseas cooperative universities, at 21:00 on April 14th, the Cloud Tour of the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) event was held. As a partner of Chinese-foreign cooperative education in Software College, Huiyang Li, Ph.D. candidate at UTA, was invited to host this event and demonstrated the situation of UTA in an all-round way through live broadcast. The 19th and 20th grade students and some 21st grade students of the Chinese-foreign cooperative education project of Software College participated in this activity.

At the beginning, the host Huiyang introduced the basic situation of UTA and Engineering College to the students, and then gave an overall tour of the campus. Starting from the new site of Engineering College, the host led the students to visit the classrooms, offices, school libraries, gymnasiums, teaching buildings, student activity centers, canteens and other facilities. At the same time, the host compared the differences between Chinese and American universities and students, and introduced the students' study and life in the United States in detail, so that the students had a deep understanding of UTA and American higher education, and also experienced different living environments and customs.

The Cloud Tour of the University of Texas at Arlington is one of the series of activities to create an international atmosphere, broaden the international vision of teachers and students, and promote the cultivation of international talents of the college. In the future, the college will continue to hold various internationalization related activities to comprehensively promote the improvement of the level of international education.

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