Software College Completed the Practice Acceptance Defense of the 2019 Master's International Student Enterprise Advanced Project

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On the afternoon of March 23, 2021, 36 international graduate students from Software College 2019 participated in the practice acceptance defense jointly organized by the university and the enterprise at the Neusoft Software Talent Training Center in Shenyang, and successfully completed the six-month enterprise advanced project practice.

Software College has always attached importance to the comprehensive application of international students' professional knowledge and the cultivation of practical ability. In order to strengthen the engineering practice ability of international students and improve the quality of international students' training, the college and the Shenyang Neusoft Software Talent Training Center launched a joint training model for masters students. After completing one year of coursework, students would go to the company for six months of advanced project practice in the second year. This practice started in September 2020. After six months of study, both the university and the enterprise specially organized this defense to check and accept the students' learning achievements. According to the different situations of foreign students in China and abroad, the respondent students were divided into two groups: online and offline. Each group consisted of three university teachers and two corporate teachers as judges. Students presented the results of the six-month project through PPT, video, code demonstration, etc. After the questioning session, the judges scored the students' defense and practice report. Combining the project results and daily performance assessed by the company's teachers, the final score would be included in the student's transcript as the professional practice course score.

Carrying out university-enterprise joint training is a characteristic part of Software College’s implementation of the “Belt and Road” country’s international software talent training. Through advanced project practice, it will further improve the software development and project management capabilities of international students, improve the quality of international student training in Software College, and promote international students’ in-depth understanding of the software industry, to lay the foundation for cultivating international software talents from countries along the “Belt and Road”.

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