Software College Held Five Lakes and Four Seas Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival - One World Together in Mid-Autumn Theme English Corner Event

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In order to improve the English proficiency of students in Sino-foreign cooperative education programs, expand their international horizons, encourage international students to perceive Chinese traditional festivals, and cultivate the feelings of understanding and loving China, at 18:30 in the evening of September 28, Five Lakes and Four Seas Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival - One World together in Mid-Autumn Theme English Corner Event was held in Information Building B508. Teachers from the College’s Foreign Exchange and Cooperation Office, the Foreign Language Teaching Department, students from Sino-foreign cooperative education projects, and international students from the college participated in this event.

At the beginning of the activity, teacher Xiaodan Zhao from the Foreign Language Teaching Department introduced the origin, customs, and culture of the Mid-Autumn Festival to the students, so that the students had a new understanding of the Mid-Autumn Festival. In the second session, the students brought songs, dances, skits and other exciting programs about the Mid-Autumn Festival. The third session pushed the activity to a climax. The students freely combined and communicated in English on the basis of designated themes. The topics involved festivals, learning, scientific research, and future plans. Finally, the student representatives expressed their personal feelings about this event. A students said: Thank you for providing this exchange platform. Through the communication between Chinese and foreign students, everyone has gained friendship, broadened their horizons, and improved their oral expression skills. I hope that we can help each other in learning and make progress together in the future.

With the continuous strengthening of the internationalization of the Software College, the college has also further upgraded the Sino-foreign cooperative education project and the management and service system of international students, and continuously improved and standardized related management work. This event is one of the series of activities to create international atmosphere. In the future, the college will carry out a variety of international related activities to help the college's international talent training and promote the improvement of the international education level.

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