Software College Completed the Enrollment and Assessment of 2020 International Students

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In order to ensure the quality of international students and improve the level of international software talent training, Software College has established an international student enrollment assessment team since the end of May 2020. It took nearly a month to complete the 2020 international student enrollment and assessment.

As the only college of Northeastern University that has “Silk Road” Chinese government scholarship support program, the number of international students applying for admission reached more than 130 in 2020, a slight increase compared with previous years, as the number of international students applying for admission has decreased significantly.

In the initial examination stage, the college admissions assessment team screened based on the application materials submitted by the students and draw up a name list for re-examinations. In the re-examination stage, the evaluation teachers were divided into 3 groups; Skype network interviews were arranged according to the time zone of different countries; four aspects including students' professional background, academic level, English ability and comprehensive ability were assessed; and the teachers gave scores based on the students' application materials and Interview performance.

After two rounds of screening, Software College intended to enroll 4 international doctoral students (full Silk Road Chinese Government Scholarship) and 28 master's students (15 full Silk Road Chinese Government Scholarships, 11 half “Silk Road” Chinese Government Scholarship, and 2 students at their own expenses), 8 undergraduate international students (at their own expenses).

Through strict standardization of admissions and assessment, the college will further improve the level of international management, strengthen the training of international software talents, build a first-class international education brand for software engineering disciplines, and enhance the international reputation and influence of Northeastern University's Software College.

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