Graduate Program

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Graduate Program 


Major: Software Engineering


Language: English


Length of Study: 3 years ( 1year for courses learning, 0.5yearfor internship, 1.5 yearsfor thesis)


Time of Enrollment: September each year


Core Courses:


Introduction to China

Mathematical Statistics and Application

Guidance of Academic Writing

Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Advanced Software Engineering

Advanced Algorithm Design and Analysis

Object-Oriented System Analysis and Design

CMMI Software Process Model and Improvement and Agile Practice

Analytical Data Warehouse System

Innovation and entrepreneurship activities

Basic Methods of Network Science

Theory and Method of Modern Information Retrieval

Design on User Experience and Human-Computer Interaction

Academic Research Methods and Norms



Non-Chinese citizen in good health.

Age below 35 years old for CSC Scholarship, no limitation for self-sponsored.

Bachelor Degree Holder.

For English-taught programs, you should be native speaker of English or come from countries with English as official language, otherwise provide valid English proficiency test certificates such as IELTS or TOFEL.



Please check more details in


Fees and Expenses

Tuition for International Students 25,000 RMB per year

Dormitory Fee 25 RMB per day

Application Fee 500 RMB




No.195,Chuangxin Road ,Hunnan District Shenyang,110169, China ; Tel:(024)83680498 ; Fax:(024)83680522