Software Engineering Department

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Software Engineering Department, which was founded in 2004, is a teaching and academic research group that focuses on research and practice in software engineering. There are currently 38 teachers in the Department of Software Engineering, including 9 professors and 17 associate professors. The duties of the department include:

Establish systematic and scientific talents training mode for software engineering;

Strengthen academic research in software engineering and related areas;

Strengthen software engineering technology practice;

Unite famous corporations domestic and international to carry out joint research;

Train practical, inter-disciplinary and international-oriented talents to satisfy the development of industry.

Since founded, the department has emphasized on academic exchange, teacher training, joint research, cooperation and development with famous teaching and research organizations and enterprises at home and abroad and drawn rich experiences in teaching and research. Software Engineering Department undertakes research projects from China Liaoning or Shenyang, and invites famous experts from inside and outside the country to give lectures; it also selects teachers to go abroad for international exchange and communication.

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