Foreign Language Teaching Center

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Foreign Language Teaching Center, established in 2005, is one of the basic academic organizations of Software College, including English and Japanese. Currently, it has 8 full-time teachers, including 1 associate professor, 1 associate researcher, and 6 lecturers. All teachers have overseas study or visiting experience, with 1 has a doctoral degree and 7 have a master's degree.

According to the development orientation of the college and the actual needs of the society, Foreign Language Teaching Center has determined that the teaching center is to cultivate students' strong intercultural language communication skills and good comprehensive qualities, so as to enhance students' autonomy, innovative learning ability and improve teaching quality, we strive to promote the innovation and reform of teaching content, teaching model, and evaluation method, to find a foreign language teaching content and model suitable for the combination of careers and majors of software college students, and establish a foreign language teaching system with the characteristics of Northeastern University Software College.

The teachers of the Foreign Language Teaching Center have created a series of diverse and colorful second classroom activities such as English competition tutorial classes, foreign language special lectures, various foreign language competitions and cultural experiences, which have stimulated students' interest in learning foreign languages and improved their foreign language ability, and achieved remarkable results. With the efforts of all the foreign language teachers, the passing rate of CET-4 students in Software College has been the first in the university for many years, and the passing rate has been increasing year by year. The results of the National English Competition for College Students are among the best in the university. In addition, some students have achieved excellent results in various foreign language competitions at the university, city, provincial and even national levels.

With the care of the college leaders and the joint efforts of the teachers, Foreign Language Teaching Center has become a highly cohesive and combative team, and has made great contributions to the internationalization of Software College. In 2014 and 2019, Foreign Language Teaching Center of Software College was awarded as March Eighth Advanced Collective of Northeastern University, and in 2015, it was awarded as Youth Civilization and Advanced Trade Union Group of Northeastern University. Foreign language teachers have also won many honorary titles from schools and colleges.

Foreign Language Teaching Center undertakes courses such as College English, IT Professional English, TOEFL, IELTS, Academic English Writing, Japanese, Advanced Japanese, etc.

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