Students of Software Engineering International Classes were Selected from 2016 New Students

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The international class (English) has been popular on the internet since 2014, because it was reported as “Casper Class”, so it is favored by more students and their parents. For choosing students with good learning capacity, excellent comprehensive quality and willing of study abroad, Software College organized the selection for international classes.

Before the application, Ms. Gong Siyao introduced the English and Japanese international classes including the specialties, the graduates of international classes during these years, and the regulations of the selection.

In total 300 students applied for joining the international classes and picked English or Japanese as their first or second choice. For mastering the students’ foreign language levels and comprehensive qualities across the board, all the students were divided into 32 groups to participate the interview. After the sections of self-introduction, topic discussion and Q&A, the judges marked the students one by one according to their performance in the interview. Students were ranked based on their English test resulst in College Entrance Exam, their interview results and their first choice between English and Japanese international classes. At last, there were 60 students were selected into English international classes and 31 students were selected into Japanese international class.

English International Class and Japanese International Class are the specialty of international education in Software College. Selection students for international classes will further improve the foreign language skills and comprehensive qualities of the students and the level of international education, which will lay a solid foundation for training practical, interdisciplinary and international software talents.

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